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Learn A Language
"By Ear."

That's how children do it. You will learn faster, understand more, and speak with a better accent.

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language is about the sounds

When you can't hear the sounds of a language, you struggle to understand. When you can't pronounce the sounds of the language, you struggle to speak.

Language learning "by ear" is about mastering the sounds. We help you hear and pronounce clearly, so you may understand and speak fluently.

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I don't learn languages, I learn people - and people connect through sound...

-Idahosa Ness

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My name is Idahosa Ness and I am a student, teacher, musician and maker.

As an adult, I've learned to speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Mandarin Chinese "By Ear." Sometimes I speak these languages so well, people confuse me for a native.

The secret to my success is my focus on "Learning by Ear." Children learn their first languages by ear, and they always succeed. But adults ignore their ear and focus instead on reading. That's why adults rarely succeed.

As a lifelong musician, I knew the best techniques for ear-training. Five years ago, I had the idea to adapt these techniques to language learning. The result was a one of kind system I called "The Mimic Method."

Since then, thousands have used The Mimic Method to learn languages faster, understand more, and speak with a better accent. If you're interested in how it all works, leave your email and check out my free e-course.

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