Master the hearing and pronunciation of all 34 Elemental Sounds of Russian through a series of lectures with Idahosa Ness.

The Fastest Way to Fix Your Hearing & Pronunciation

Many people are intimidated by the idea of speaking a foreign language… and maybe you feel the same way. Isn’t it too complicated and time consuming? Or even embarrassing? It’s time to realize that unblocking your hearing and pronunciation in a foreign language is a massive advantage for you.

By learning the simple techniques for developing awareness and control of your mouth, you are removing the biggest obstacle to your ability to speak more like a native and understand the language in conversation. Once you are familiar with how your mouth works, you will have a much easier time learning to hear and pronounce Russian.

What You'll Get in this 3-Part Course:

  • Video Tools
    Lifetime access to over 6 hours of video lectures with polyglot Idahosa Ness
  • IPA Mastery
    Custom-made Flash Card Deck so you can learn the International Phonetic Alphabet of Russian
  • Training Exercises
    Multimedia hearing & pronunciation training exercises so you can practice each sound daily

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See What Others Have to Say

Eddy Mcdoe, Student

The lecture videos of Idahosa describing how to make every individual sound was my favorite part of the course. The class helped my listening and pronunciation dramatically. It would have been SO MUCH easier if someone had explained it to me like this earlier.

Benny Lewis,

I consider this Master Class to be the best explanation of pronunciation & phonetics for language learners. You won’t find this info anywhere else on the internet & it’ll really be a game-changer for your pronunciation and listening comprehension. I strongly recommend signing up!

Sammy King, Student

This course would be helpful for both people starting on their language journey and people who have been studying for ages but still have a terrible accent. I’m in the latter group and I have to say, incredibly surprised at how much I fixed in such a short time!

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